1968 American four-door, 199 six, three-speed manual, column shift.
    Purchased for $600 with about 60,000 miles on the clock in March 1988; it turned over 250,000 miles on June 9, 2002. Think I got my money’s worth?
    Driven to Kenosha, Wis., July–Aug. ’98; survived 22-inch flood, January ’99; driven to Kenosha again in July 2002. Appeared twice in the Rambler Reader.
    Driven to its retirement August 29, 2004, with 276,000 miles.

'82 Eagle
1982 Eagle wagon, 258 six, 5-speed manual.
Purchased in December 1997;
turned over 200,000 miles February 10, 2004;
retired March 6, 2004.

1988 Eagle wagon, 258 six, automatic.
I bought it in August ’95, sold it in November ’96.
Nice car, but I couldn't live with the auto tranny.
’88 Eagle

’68 American 1968 American 2-door, 199 six, automatic.
Owned 1991–92.

1979 Spirit kammback, 232 six, four-speed manual.
It came to an unhappy end.
’79 Spirit

’71 Gremlin 1971 Gremlin, 232, three-speed manual, very basic.
    This is the best photo I have of Frog, my first car. It was taken in 1980, during my first U-joint job (Note the extent of my tool collection, in the green backpack). Yes, the driver’s seat did beep the horn when pushed forward to let a passenger into the back seat, and the shifter mechanism was crap, but Frog was still a great little vehicle. It took me all around Connecticut, Colorado and New York state, taught me how to work on cars, and started me on my AMC odyssey. (Thanks, Noreen.)

    Still hoping to dig up a shot of my second car, a 1975 Gremlin (232, three-speed manual with electric overdrive).

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