Color Codes


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Note: Not every color was available on all trim levels, or on plastic panels, within a given model year.

 Element Model Year1
Name  Initials   Paint Code Chip2  2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011 
 Satin Silver Metallic SSM NH623M      
 Alabaster Silver Metallic ASM NH700M   
 Polished Metal Metallic PMM NH737M      
 Magnesium Metallic MM NH675M        
 Galaxy Gray Metallic GGyM NH701M       
 Nighthawk Black Pearl NBP B92P   
 Crystal Black Pearl CBP NH731P      
 Shoreline Mist Metallic SMM YR528M       
 Cargo Khaki CK YR547        
 Tangerine Metallic3 TM YR5863M      
 Sunset Orange Pearl SOP YR539P      
 Citrus Fire Metallic CFM YR579M      
 Rallye Red RR R513       
 Tango Red Pearl TRP R525P   
 Midnight Red Pearl4 MRP R538P       
 Root Beer Metallic4 RBM YR569M       
 Kiwi Metallic KM GY25M      
 Galapagos Green Metallic  GGM G511M      
 Omni Blue Pearl OBP B562P      
 Atomic Blue5 Metallic ABM B537M      
 Fiji Blue Pearl FBP B529P       
 Eternal Blue Pearl EBP B96P        
 Royal Blue Pearl6 RBP B536P      

1Some colors offered on other Honda models/years
2Chip and car images courtesy of Honda Web site
3aka Tangerine Mist Metallic
   4SC only
5aka Neutron Blue, Proton Blue
62008 SC only; 2009–10 all

Exterior Plastic Panels

NH533 "Bumper Dark Gray" (aka black, but really charcoal): available with Atomic Blue Metallic, Kiwi Metallic, Nighthawk Black Pearl, Rallye Red

B535M "Blue Metallic": available with Alabaster Silver Metallic, Satin Silver Metallic

NH661 "EX Warm Gray": all other 2003–06 colors with unpainted plastic panels


2003–05 allABlack/GrayNH361LCF Gray
BGray/BlueB137LSurf Blue
CGray/GreenG60LField Green
2006 allABlack/GrayNH361LCF Gray
BGray/BlueB137LSurf Blue
2007–08 LX, EXABlack/GrayNH361LCF Gray
2007–08 SCCBlack/TitaniumYR233LTitanium
DBlack/CopperYR355LCopper Metallic
2009–10 LX, EXABlack/GrayNH598LAtlas Gray
2009–10 SCCBlack/TitaniumYR233LTitanium
DBlack/Red MetalR166LSC Red Metallic
2010–11 allABlack/GrayNH598LAtlas Gray

The following courtesy of H and A  Accessories: "To find the interior color code and/or paint code for your vehicle, look inside the driver's door frame. The sticker there will look similar to one of the two shown below."

H and A
H and A

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