Element Miniatures

From left: Ebbro, Zizzle, Tomy, Matchbox, Bensu, Choro-Q.

Ebbro, metal, 1/43 scale. A serious reproduction, and priced accordingly. Highly realistic all around, including the interior. Side doors open. No skylight, yet has a rear differential molded into the underside. Note JDM right-hand-drive and side turn signal.

Asphalt Audio Cutting Edge Rides Element by Zizzle, metal, purportedly 1/43 scale but noticeably larger than the Ebbro. Plays a song when you press on it. No interior; simplified headlights and tailights. Paint is a little thick, lines a bit deep, gray panels too dark. Still, well proportioned and detailed for the price. Also has a rear diff but no skylight.

Tomy (Tomica), metal, 1/60 scale. Front end, wheels, and side windows are reasonably faithful, but the orange is too bright and the gray panels too light. Bare-bones interior (also RHD). No side mirrors. Rear hatch opens, but the dogleg hinge spoils the effect.

Matchbox, metal, 1/60 scale. Primary drawbacks are oversized suicide-door windows, incorrect wheels and tires, and mismatched gray panels. No interior. Matchbox sold Elements in a variety of colors.

Bensu remote control toy, plastic, 1/60 scale. Proportions and colors are off; no interior; and of course there's that R/C wire antenna. Interestingly, the paint is nicer than on the metal toys of the same scale. Mine had a short working life. Even so, a cute plaything to enjoy while it lasts.

Choro-Q (Takara), plastic, roughly 1/60 scale. Side proportions are obviously shortened, but front end is surprisingly detailed. A pull-and-release toy, great fun.

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