VTEC/I-VTEC: What Does It Mean, How Does It Work?

VTEC stands for Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control. The "I" in I-VTEC (or "i-VTEC," as Honda styles it) stands for "intelligent."

From hybrid-racing.com:
The "intelligent" I-VTEC system uses Variable Timing Control (VTC) to adjust "camshaft phasing." By varying oil pressure, VTC can continuously vary intake timing relative to the engine's exhaust timing. The result of I-VTEC is improved response and enhanced performance at low engine speeds and efficiency across a broad power band.

The Honda Element and Accord ... motor does not use the conventional VTEC mechanism from the earlier B series motors but does have VTC. Instead it only has two cam lobes on the intake side and one on the exhaust lobe. This motor has no VTEC mechanism on the exhaust cam and runs on 12 valves before 2,200 rpm with the other four slightly opening.




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