Updated 3/28/04
Rambler Dan’s 1968 Rambler American Parts List

    Note: I DO NOT SELL PARTS! These numbers are provided for the benefit of owners. If you can’t find the parts you need at a local retailer, see the Planet Houston AMC Vendor List. The AMC Rambler Club also publishes an extensive list of vendors.

    This list is based on parts I’ve purchased and used successfully, info from catalogs and contributions from other owners.
    I am no stickler for authenticity, and will happily substitute a part made for another car if it works. Parts I know are not OEM spec are marked with a dagger (†). Finally, I make no guarantee as to accuracy.
    Any additions or corrections are welcome.
    Also see the lists at Dan Meyer’s and Matt Brodeur’s sites.

Key to manufacturers

B-WBorg Warner
FedFederal Mogul (formerly TRW)
S-PSealed Power
CRChicago Rawhide
Motormiteaka Help!
MoparPut "J" before AMC number,
    omit punctuation.

[Brakes]    [Steering/Suspension]    [Driveline]    [Electrical/Misc.]

Engine—199 cid I-6 w/Holley 1-bbl

Air filter             Fram CA184               Pur A30045           Lee AF184
                       Motorcraft FA-1R         Wix 42054            ACC 71104 
 †Free-flow filter (will not fit OE housing)                    Fram CA189                  Pur A30059
PCV                    Pur PV765
Oil filter             AC PF31, PF24†           Lee LF7              Motorcraft FL2, FL2DP
                       Fram Ph11, Ph25†         Pur L30005
                       NAPA 1049, 1055          Wix 7, 17, 51049, 51055
Oil filler cap        Stant 11066
 †Fuel filter (in-line)       Fram F2111
V belt                 NAPA 2509153             Dayco 15365
Thermostat             NAPA THM183†             Stant S300-190†, 45359       Gates 33009
T'stat gasket          NAPA 1060ST              Victor C24003
                       Felpro 35024             Engine Seal 35024, 10-1166
Coolant temp sender    Sorensen TSU41
Hose, upper            Dayco 70561
Hose, lower            Dayco 70481
Water pump             PAW* 150065              Arrow* 71247
Water pump gasket      Felpro 13877
Points                 NAPA CS788, CS788P       B-W A209             Standard DR2240X
Condenser              NAPA RR176               B-W G126P
Rotor                  NAPA RR182R              B-W D152P
Cap                    NAPA RR183               B-W C168 
Plugs                  Bosch 4220 (was WR8DP)
Wires                  NAPA 700101              B-W CH616, 73694
Ignition coil          Accel 8140               B-W E30P             Sorensen GC122S
Distributor            NAPA RAY 48-1646         Remain* ADI2217
Alternator             Xcel* 7099               Prostart* 7091
                       (40 amp Motorola)        (55 amp Motorola)
Regulator (1968)       NAPA/Standard VR112      B-W R290
(post-68; new plug)    NAPA/Echlin   VR1010†
(Post-70 Hornet)                                B-W R292†
Carb (Holley #1931)    NAPA CHE 951             Pep 64-3099          Tompco (?) 1-117
Carb rebuild kit       NAPA CRB 2-3537 (was 2-5317)                  Sorensen 96-138A
                       thecarburetorshop.com 1852                    Hygrade 368A
                       NOT: Hygrade 533B (for Holley #1920)
Carb gasket            Felpro 60044             NGA G26639
 (Fits AMC and IHC       (Future No: 13-1028)
 six, 1965-73; Chevy and
 Pontiac four, 1961-77)
Choke coil             NAPA 2-236
Dashpot                NAPA/Echlin 2-4531
Fuel pump              NAPA RAY 240786†         Pep 40755            Master 40755
Inline fuel filter     Pur F21111
                       (replaces GF11-11)
Starter solenoid       Pep 631114
Cam kit                Melling CLSRC 6
Lifters                TRW VL58 (HT2011)
Push rods              Melling MPR331           S-P RP3199
Valve seals            Felpro SS70530
Timing chain           TRW TC494                S-P 222-494
Timing gear, upper     TRW S354N (nylon)
                       TRW S388T (steel)
Timing gear, lower     TRW S355
Timing cover gasket    NAPA JV878               Felpro TCS45117     Standard TCSS802
Oil pan gasket         Standard 2802            Felpro OS13881C1
Oil pump               S-P 224-41199
Oil pickup tube        S-P 224-11199
 (NOTE: Replace pump and tube together; old and new designs are incompatible.)
Head set               NAPA HS1199VC            Felpro HS8169PT2
Head gasket                                     Felpro 8169PT
Valve cover gasket     NAPA VS39695             Felpro VS50258c (extra thick)
Valves                                          S-P V1981K
Motor mount            NAPA BK602-1162          S-P V2023K



Master cylinder (drum)     Ray MC36237 (new)
                           Ray RMC36237 (rebuilt)
Repair kit                 Ray MK1630
Master cylinder (disk)     Ray MC36386

                              Wheel cylinders, 6 cyl.
LF                         Ray WC37014          EIS EW 46251    ? Sh25601C
RF                         Ray WC37015          EIS EW 46252    Wagner FD36825
Repair kit (both)          Ray WK164
Rear, 15/16" bore (both)    Ray WC37016          EIS EW44453     Guardian/Wagner/
                                                                Master 50014
Repair kit (both)          Ray WK170

                              Wheel cylinders, 8 cyl.
LF                         Ray WC37125
RF                         Ray WC37126
Repair kit (both)          Ray WK471
LR, 7/8" bore               Ray WC17507          EIS EW9021
RR, 7/8" bore               Ray WC17508          EIS EW9022      Bendix 33290
Repair kit (both)          Ray WK129

                              Flexible brake hose
Front (both)               Ray Bh36612          NAPA UBP36612   
Rear (both)                Ray Bh36801          EIS SP3764      Guardian F86594

                              Emergency brake cables
Front                      Ray BC92257
LR                         Ray BC92258          AMC 317-2991
RR                         Ray BC92259          AMC 317-2992

                              Front brakes 9 x 2 1/2 (6 cyl.)
Shoes                      Ray FR432                             Bendix 432, R432, AF432, RAF432
Drum                       Ray 2502             NAPA 640-1074    Bendix 140105
Studs                      Ray 1113B            NAPA 641-1114    Bendix 142074
Nuts                       Ray 1200N                             Bendix 142025
Spring kit (hook spring
  type, front & rear)      Ray H7037            NAPA 2215        Bendix H7037
Spring kit (nail type,
  front only)              USA 7043             Gibson 7043      Bendix 7043
Hold-down kit (nail type,
  front & rear)                                 Gibson 40429-2   Bendix 40429-2
Self-adjusting kit (L)     Ray h2516
Self-adjusting kit (R)     Ray h2517
Adjusting wheel ass'y (L)  USA 1522
Adjusting wheel ass'y (R)  USA 1523

                              Front brakes 10 x 2 1/2 (8 cyl.)
Shoes                      Ray 155
Drum                       Ray 2506             NAPA 640-1142
Studs                      Ray 2200B
Nuts                       Ray 1200N
Spring kit                 Ray H7064
Self-adjusting kit (L)     Ray h2514
Self-adjusting kit (R)     Ray h2515

                              Rear brakes 9 x 2 (6 cyl.)
Shoes                      Ray FR433            NAPA B1114        Bendix 433, R433, AF433, RAF433
Drum                       Ray 2501             NAPA BK6401075
Studs                      Ray 528B
Nuts                       Ray 1200N
Spring kit (hook spring
  type, front & rear)      Ray H7037            NAPA 2215        Bendix H7037
Hold-down kit (nail type,
  front & rear)                                 Gibson 40429-2   Bendix 40429-2
Self-adjusting kit (L)     Ray h2516            NAPA 80665
Self-adjusting kit (R)     Ray h2517            NAPA 80666
Hold-down spring                                Wagner F34898
Hold-down spring anchor                         Wagner F34820
Cable clip                                      Wagner F110379
Hose lock                                       Wagner F3052
Dust cover                                      Wagner F17814
Adjuster lever (L)                              Wagner F44480
Adjuster lever (L)                              Wagner F44481
Adjuster cable                                  Wagner F41983
Adjuster cable guide                            Wagner F41987

                              Rear brakes 10 x 1 3/4 (8 cyl.)
Shoes                      Ray 31
Drum                       Ray 2507
Studs                      Ray 1113B
Nuts                       Ray 1200N
Spring kit                 Ray H7064
Self-adjusting kit (L)     Ray h2514
Self-adjusting kit (R)     Ray h2515

                              Individual hardware (Raybestos)
                  Return   Screw    Pin/     Top     Hold     Pin     Hold
                  Spring   Spring   Anchor   Cup     Spring   Lock    Kit
6 cyl. (all)      h181     h413     h1134    N/A     h1156    h1177   h4035
8 cyl. (Front)    h102     h405     h1108    h1132   h1157    h1177   h4030
       (Rear)     "        "        h1106    "       "        "       "

                  Left     Right    Cable            L Adj.   R Adj.
                  Lever    Lever    Guide    Cable   Ass'bly  Ass'bly
6 cyl. (all)      h2035    h2036    h2090    h2100   h1522    h1523
8 cyl. (all)      h2035    h2036    h2090    h2101   h1522    h1523

Front bearings,
 Inner            CRA br6           BCA/Fed A-6
 Outer            CRA br2           BCA/Fed A-2
 Seal             CRA 16659         Rockhill G16659 (7022S)

Spindle nut kit   ? 304990.1
Dust cap          Motormite 13975

Wheel stud 1/2-20 x 13/8"   NAPA 641-1114
Nut 1/2-20 x 13/16"           NAPA 641-2024


Steering / Suspension

Shocks, front   NAPA LE10006    Monroe LE10006   KYB KG4503              Delco 520-318
                Gabriel 82069
 (Spirit rear†) NAPA NS94049†   Gabriel 73509†   Monroe 20830†, 31125†   Delco 500-343†, 520-160†,
                KYB 344052†     Gabriel 81411†   Sears 98127†             560-79†, 500-151†, 500-343†
Shocks, rear    NAPA NS94013    Gabriel 48474,   Monroe 5818, 5818NA,    Delco 500-306, 520-369,
                KYB KG5521,      82155, 42340     20818, 32126,           560-94, 500-306, 500-4
                 343135                           LE40510
Trunnion kit         TRW 10234          ? SS708              NAPA/NCP 2801499
 (1 side, no thrust bearing)
Thrust bearing kit   AMC 320-4934       ? SS934
Thrust bearing alone AMC 316-3284       Hoover 3061-R        Nice 7480, 5210W
Trunnion bushings
 Upper               Moog K3036         (Clevebloc FG 80222 B-52)
 Lower               Moog K3059
Tie rod,
 inner               NAPA 269-2296      Moog DS757
 outer               NAPA 269-2185      Moog ES368RL         Sturdy APD ES368L
 sleeve              NAPA 269-1126      Moog ES645S          Sturdy APD ES2032S
Ball joint,
 Series 01, 30, 70   TRW 10216          Moog K3058           Sturdy APD BJ10207
                     AMC 260-1080       Dana 2601080         S-P 80110216
 Series 10, 50, 80   AMC 260-1074†      Moog K3011†          TRW 10207†
Pitman arm
 1" shaft            TRW 18773          Moog K3106
 1 1/8" shaft         TRW 18655N         Moog K3055PS
Idler arm                               Moog K3074           TRW 18714
Idler arm bushing    NAPA 268-3502      Moog K3026           TRW 18615    Sturdy APD h18714
Strut rod bushing    NAPA 274-9044      Moog K3108           TRW HB1044
                                        (replaces Moog 3075)
Control arm bushing
 Lower               NAPA/NCP 267-3245  Moog K3059           TRW 12245    McQuay-Norris FB263
Cam bolt             NAPA/NCP 264-3619


Clutch (9 1/8" disk, 1" 10-spline hub)

Throwout bearing     BCA R1605C        B-W N1491             CR N1701
 (bearing only)      BCA 1505
Friction disk        Ray R3353         B-W 373353 (rebuilt)  Arrow/A1 CD3353
                                       B-W CD3353 (new)      
Pressure plate       Ray CA1669        B-W 351599 (rebuilt)  Arrow/A1 CA1599      
                                       B-W 361669 (new)
Pilot bushing        Motormite 14668
Throwout lever
 bellhousing boot    Kennedy CL646

Transmission (T-96 3-speed manual)

Transmission mount
 (rear motor mount)  Mopar J3169736      Kennedy TM855

 T-96H rebuild parts, per 1992 order from
 Rockland Standard Gear (800-227-1523)

 Part No.      Description

 N6307NJX      Bearing, ball, front (N307LOE)
 6206NRJ       Bearing, ball, rear (6206NR, 206L)
 15041         Seal, rear (UHO190EO, 8850A)
 SP96F-50      Small parts kit1
 T96-55C       Gasket set

 1Does not include O rings and taper pins for shift levers 
or enough roller bearings for main gear cluster

 T-96H rebuild parts, per 2001 order from
 Northwest Transmission Parts (937-442-2811)

 Part No.      Description

 BCA 307LOE    Bearing, ball, front
 ND 43206      Bearing, ball, rear
 71-11123      Seal, rear
 SP96F-50      Small parts kit1
 G-611         Gasket set
 31638         Bushing, tail housing, 1.5" ID,
                 1.625" OD, 1" long2
 3113033       Oil slinger, 2.75" OD, 1.375" ID
 1394874       Roller bearing (21), 0.125" thick, 0.719" long3 

 1Does not include O rings and taper pins for shift levers 
or enough roller bearings for main gear cluster
 2Original was 1.5" long
 3Maximum usable length; original was 0.625" long

U-joints, front & rear           PDQ 1004, 1-0153



Brake light switch               General 31181           SMP SLS66         B-W S237
                                 NIEH OR148              Wells DR496
Backup light switch              Mopar J3189128
Front park/signal light
 socket (2-filament)             NAPA LS6388
Backup light socket 
(1-filament)                     NAPA LS6389
Turn signal cam                  Motormite 49302
Turn signal 
 cancel spring                   Motormite 49312         NAPA 735-2781


Windshield reveal molding 
 clips (AMC J-4001377)     Restoration Specialties & Supply Inc. Part 2628
Transmission filter        Pur P228                        AC PF190                  Fram FT1030
 (199 3-speed auto)        Motorcraft FT 30                Wix 51706
Key blanks                 Star Obr3 (round), Hbr3 (hex)   Briggs & Stratton 320944
                           Ilco/EZ RA1 (round), RA2 (hex)  Ilco 1098NR, h1098NR
                           ESP RA1, RA2 (short)            Taylor 98XL, H98XL

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