Updated 3/28/04
Rambler Dan’s AMC Eagle Parts List

    Note: I DO NOT SELL PARTS! These numbers are provided for the benefit of owners. If you can’t find the parts you need at a local retailer, see the Houston AMC Vendor List. The AMC Rambler Club also publishes an extensive list of vendors.

    This list is based on parts I’ve purchased and used successfully, info from catalogs and contributions from other owners.
    I am no stickler for authenticity, and will happily substitute a part made for another car if it works. Parts I know are not OEM spec are marked with a dagger (). Finally, I make no guarantee as to accuracy.
    Any additions or corrections are welcome.
    Also see the lists at Dan Meyer’s and Matt Brodeur’s sites.

Key to manufacturers

B-WBorg Warner
FedFederal Mogul (formerly TRW)
S-PSealed Power
CRChicago Rawhide
Motormiteaka Help!
MoparPut "J" before AMC number,
    omit punctuation.

[Brakes]    [Steering/Suspension/Front Axle]    [Electrical/Misc.]

Engine—4.2L (258 cid) I-6 w/Carter BBD

Distributor cap                  B-W C182                   Standard FR96
Distributor rotor                B-W D197                   Standard FR89
Ignition coil                                               Standard GC403
Ignition wires                   Champion 60006
Spark plugs                      Bosch 4203 (FR9HP)
Oil filter (1980-82)             Pur L20033                 Fram Ph25,DG25    Lee LF-24,LF24HP
                                 STP S-024,STP-24           Fram PL-20033     Wix 51258
Oil filter (1984-86)             Pur L24007                 Fram Ph3675       Lee LF-922HP
                                 NAPA 1522                  AC PF-58          WIX 51522
Oil filter (1987-88)             Pur L14619                 Fram Ph3985       Lee LF2801
                                 NAPA 1626                  AC PF-970         WIX 51626
Fuel filter                      Pur F21117                 Fram G3583
Air filter                       Fram CA184                 Pur A30045        Lee AF184
                                 Motorcraft FA-1R           Wix 42054         ACC 71104 
Breather filter                  Pur B13153
Fresh air intake hose            Motormite 96077            NAPA 825-6029
Carbon canister filter           Pur B40015
Choke pull-off                   B-W VC426
Choke thermostat                 B-W Th418
Belt, ps/fan                     Dayco 17465
Belt, alt/fan                    Dayco 15430
Belt, ps/smog pump               Dayco 15270
Belt, ac                         Road King 57017 (13A1450)
Belt, ac to alt                  Road King 29013 (10A0735)  NAPA 7290
Radiator hose, upper             Dayco (B)71384
Radiator hose, lower             Dayco (C)70743
Radiator cap (13 lb.)            Stant 11329
Thermostat (195)                Stant 59359
Water outlet gasket              Felpro 35024
Temp sensor (to gauge)           B-W WT398                  NAPA TS6655
Temp switch (to computer)        Mopar 33001979
Oil filler cap                   Stant 11085
Throttle cable                   Motormite 04103            NAPA 610-1331
Air cleaner gasket               Felpro 5198
Carb (w/stepper)                 Holley 64-1591
Carb (no stepper)                NAPA 2-912
Carb rebuild kit                 B-W 10706B                 Hygrade 1207B      NAPA/Echlin 2-5671C
Carb gasket (2)                  Felpro 60391               NAPA/NGA G26827
Carb preheater hose              Motormite 96024, 96049
Carb filter                      NAPA/NGA G-26827
Carb float                       B-W CF280B                 Hygrade FL3
Carb choke pull-off (unloader)   Wells CP114
Fuel pump                        B-W 41249
Valve cover gasket               Felpro VS50244R (neoprene)
                                 Felpro VS50244C (cork, replaces 8053050)
 For 4WD Hardware aluminum valve cover No. 258:
 Gasket             Victor VS50061
 Filler plug        Trans-Dapt 9373 (1.25" hole)
Manifold gasket (pair)           NAPA (NGA) MS-15510
Alternator (63 amp)              Prostart* 7127-9M


Emissions Controls

PCV                              Pur PV1006
PCV grommet                      Motormite 42059
EGR                              Mopar J3241727             B-W EGR927A
                                 (Rochester BSR 17082793)

EGR gasket                       NAPA G26315
Oxygen sensor                    B-W OS700
Ported vacuum switch             B-W EC920
Ported vacuum switch             B-W EC945
Manifold tube
 81-82 (and 83 export) only      Mopar J3240558
Manifold tube bolts (6)          Mopar J3229457
Manifold tube check valve        Mopar J3233960
83-88 air injection 
 ("Pulse Air") check valve       Standard Auto Parts AV-1

Clutch / Transmission

Clutch master cylinder
 complete new                    Raybestos CM39516
 rebuild kit                     Raybestos CMK1678          Bendix 22288
Clutch slave cylinder            Wagner F103458
Speedometer cable gears:
 Teeth  Ratio    Tires
  24    17/40  P215/65R15        Mopar J3241524
  27                             Mopar J3232927
  28                             Mopar J3232928
  32    13/40  P215/65R15        Mopar J3232932
O ring for speedo retainer
  (at transfer case)             #38 1 3/4" x 1 9/16" x 3/32"
                                 Mopar J3238141



Parking brake cable, front       Ray BC92934
Parking brake cable, left        Ray BC93030                Wagner F103389
Parking brake cable, right       Ray BC92566
R wheel cylinder, right          Ray WC17509T
R wheel cylinder, left           Ray WC17510T
R shoes                          Ray 31PR
Spring/hardware kit (2 sides)    Ray H7064T
Self-adjusting kit, left         Ray h2514
Self-adjusting kit, right        Ray h2515
Screw ass'y, left                Ray h1522-2
Screw ass'y, right               Ray h1523-2
Self-adjust cable                Ray h2101-2
Self-adjust cable guide          Ray h2090-2
Washer/pin lock                  Ray h1177-2
Hold-down spring                 Ray h1157-2
Hold-down axle kit               Ray h4049-2
Front pads                       Ray PD203hr
Caliper mounting pin             Ray H5015-2
Spring clip kit (all AMCs with   Ray H5431            
 large single-piston calipers    Bendix H5412               Wagner F97920      EIS H5431
 and vented rotors)              Tru-Torque HW5412
Hose, front (L?)                 NAPA/United 36928
Hose, front (R?)                 NAPA/United 36929
Hose, rear                       NAPA/United 36965


Steering / Suspension / Front Axle

Front coil springs:
 4 cyl no a/c                    Espo 3140
 4 cyl with a/c                  Espo 3112
 6 cyl no a/c                    Espo 3112
 6 cyl with a/c                  Espo 3156
Shocks, front                    Gabriel 73571              Monroe 32216       Tenneco 20732
Shocks, rear                     Gabriel 73474              Monroe 33049, 54510, MA-700
Steering damper                  Monroe SC-2928
                                 (parts pack P837)
                                 Mopar J3236097             NEAR FIT: Moog/TRW SSD56 (=Monroe 9619)
Ball joint, upper                Moog K3082                 TRW 10229
Ball joint, lower                Moog K3153                 TRW 10850
Cam bolt                         NAPA 264-3616
Wheel bearing, front             Fed A-40
Seal, inner (knuckle)            Fed 3942                   BCA/National 3942
Seal, outer (hub)                Fed 3553
Half shaft (rebuilt)             NAPA 9102                  Moog CV-6500       NEP 88-0325
                                 UAP/NAPA CVS1002           NAPA CV6500
CV boot, inner (solid)           NAPA NUJ2453               Moog CV-2453       NEP 85-0916
CV boot, outer (solid)           NAPA NUJ2493                                  NEP 85-0915
Clamp, CV boot, outer                                                          NEP 95-004
Axle shaft bearing               CR Bh2012
Control arm bushing,
 Upper                           TRW 12266
 Lower                           Fed 12297                  Moog K3113
Strut rod bushing                NAPA 274-9054              Moog K3090
                                 TRW HB1152K                Perfect Circle FA685



Rear defroster switch            Mopar J3240660
License plate light              Mopar J3670544             Truck-Lite 04018
Backup light switch (M/T only)   Standard Motor Products LS-230
Heater blower switch             Mopar J3692961
Heater blower resistor           Mopar J3212001


Clutch/brake pedal rubber        Mopar 52002750
Gas tank hanger bolt (2)         Mopar J3226433
Fuel vapor return
 rollover check valve            Mopar J3227951
Turn signal cam                  Motormite 49303
Turn signal cam cancel spring    Motormite 49312            NAPA 735-2781
Turn signal cancel cam                                      NAPA 735-2188, 735-2950
Horn button contact spring                                  NAPA 735-2822
Column shaft lock retainer ring                             NAPA 735-2823
Heat/AC duct                     Motormite 96091
Headlight adjusters              Motormite 42124            NAPA 665-1039
Washer fluid pump                Trico 11-509               Anco 64-01
Washer nozzle, tailgate          Mopar J3741271 (supersedes J3735277)
Well nut, wash. nozzle, tlgt     Mopar J56000593
Lift struts, tailgate            ProLift 92507
Hinge, tailgate,
 left                            J3633543
 right                           J3735280
Gasket, tailgate hinge,
 Body (2 needed)                 J3633548
 Tailgate, left                  J3633550
 Tailgate, right                 J3735281
Hinge pin, front door            Mopar J3615486
Bushing, front door hinge pin
 (two per hinge needed)          Mopar J3698103
Striker                          Motormite 38428
Clip, outer door handle
 actuating arm to rod,
 left (gold)                     Mopar J4004533
 right (black)                   Mopar J4004532
Cable, electric window           Mopar J8132881
Retainer, roof trim (wagon)      Mopar J4006337
Clip, roof trim (wagon)          Mopar J4006337
 Substitute for
 J4006337 & J4006337             NAPA/Balkamp 665-1444 (fascia retainer, 5mm hole, Mustang-Capri)
Trim fastener, small             Motormite 45490
Rear differential 
 cover gasket                    FelPro RDS 13089


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