Interior Hatch Release Installation
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Assembled tools (84kb) Measuring (43kb) Drilling plastic; scribe then used to mark metal below (57kb) Removing garnish (35kb)
After dimpling, holes drilled into frame (1/8 Assembled parts (57kb) Cable end. Note shaft of inner end anchor has been ground round to fit into sheath, threaded anchor reversed. (21kb) Cable in place (53kb)
Preparing to cut braided cable (39kb) Dimpling interior mechanism prior to drilling (56kb) After drilling two holes, anchor assembly riveted into place (55kb) Beginning to thread braided cable into anchor (41kb)
Securing barrel stop (36kb) Swaging collar onto braided cable (48kb) Anchor with braided cable in place (64kb) Assembly in place (52kb)
Aligning solid cable end through hole in garnish  (38kb) Aligning Tee handle on solid cable end so roll pins can be pressed in (43kb)