Heel Rest

Not having a flat area in the right place to rest my foot while driving was uncomfortable, so I created this accelerator pedal heel rest.

Initially I experimented with insulation foam (Figure 1) until I was satisfied with the proportions. Then I cut three pieces of 2x3 pine (one shown in Figure 2) on a band saw; joined the pieces; finished the assembly on a belt/disc sander; and covered it with black gaffer's tape.

A rotary hasp was used to cut a notch into one corner (Figure 3).  The notch preserves the accelerator pedal's full range of travel and prevents it from binding. Velcro keeps the block from slipping, and there's a strip of non-skid tape on the heel surface. (Figure 4.)

This gadget really reduces fatigue on long trips.

Update, January 2010: To avoid having to cut a notch into the wooden rest to avoid the bottom of the pedal contacting it, omit the "panhandle" and substitute a piece of steel or aluminum (Figure 5).

Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

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