Backup Bulbs, Brighter

Dead Pedal

Door Beeper, Temporarily Silencing

Glovebox Light

Heel Rest

Hitch Harness Fuse, Accessibility

HVAC Controls, Changing Color

Instrument Bulbs, Changing Color

Liftgate Latch Release, Interior

Passenger’s Side Door Lock Switch
   Radio Controls, Changing Color

Rear Power Socket, Always-On

Seat Belt Beeper, Disabling

Seat Tracks, Lengthening to Increase Legroom

Spare Tire, Roof-Mounted

Steering Wheel, Modifying to See Gauges

Storage Platform

Wiper Delay, Variable

XM RoadyXT Buttons, Changing Color

Plastic Panels, Turning Gray to Black
Empire started this thread on darkening the gray panels with Forever Black. It really works! I did end up painting the front fascia with Krylon Fusion after seeing chips in the Forever Black.

Rear Hatch, Unlocking with One Click of the Remote
It boils down to this: Cut P16 and tap to M9. For the whole story, see this thread on EOC.

Side Marker Lights, Flashing
E-Shen's instructions for making the side lights flash with the turn signals. Note that the right turn-signal wire is a different color (green/yellow) from the left, but it remains the center of three wires at the connector.

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