Changing the Color of the HVAC Controls

This was pretty easy. Because I have an EX with manual transmission, I had to follow these steps:
  1. Remove subwoofer cover
  2. Disconnect harness and remove subwoofer
  3. Remove shifter knob:
    • Push boot down to clear key at base of knob collar
    • Unscrew knob
  4. Push out shifter boot bezel from below
  5. Remove radio/HVAC/shifter surround
  6. Disconnect harness and remove HVAC control assembly

On the bench, I removed the control rings by prying at the three points corresponding to the inner attachment clips (Figure 1). The mechanism underneath has a fiberoptic protuberance (Figure 2) that illuminates the red pointer on the ring. This makes it easy to align the ring for reassembly.   
Figure 1
Figure 2

Then I pried off the front covers. The fan speed and outlet selector faces have blue-green filters (Figure 3); the temperature blend control has a blue-and-red filter. I replaced the blue-green filters with rubylith (Figure 4).   
Figure 3
Figure 4

The lower buttons (recirc, AC, rear defog) are removed by prying from behind and below on each side (Figure 5). Behind each button is a blue-green filter (Figure 6). I replaced these with rubylith (Figure 7); in this case, I left the rubylith on its clear carrier.

Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7

Each control has three light sources (Figure 8): the large incandescent bulb (79629-S3V-A01) that illuminates the front cover [1]; a 0.84W LED used for the "on" indicator [2]; and the small incandescent bulb (9629-SCV-A01) that illuminates the lower control button [3]. The incandescent bulbs are accessed from behind the main circuit board. The LEDs are soldered to the individual controls' sub-boards.

Figure 8

Figure 9 shows the result. This was the last step in my project to change the color of all the displays, including the instruments, radio, and RoadyXT XM receiver.
Figure 9

Thanks to Chubs12385 at Element Owners Club for motivating me to do this job with his how-to in this thread.

HVAC Control Bulbs

There has been considerable discussion on replacing the HVAC control bulbs with colored bulbs or LEDs. I haven't done this, but I think I can shed a little ... information on the problem.

Figure 10: Bulb comparison
  1. 79629-SCV-A01 "Bulb, Neo-Wedge (blue)," lower buttons (recirc, AC, rear defog)
  2. 79629-S3V-A01 "Bulb, Neo-Wedge," front covers (fan speed, temperature blend, outlet selector)
  3. -S3V- bulb removed from socket
  4. #74 instrument bulb
The -SCV- bulb is clear. Its socket post is white. Apparently it is referred to as "blue" because it illuminates the lower control buttons, all of which use blue-green filters.

The -S3V- blub is also clear, but its socket post is made of blue-gray plastic. Don't mistake this for the "blue" in the -SCV- bulb's description when ordering replacements.
Figure 10

Update, December 2008: Reportedly, 79629-SCV-A01 interchanges with a standard 7219 bulb (Radio Shack 272-1092) and 79629-S3V-A01 with an 8640 bulb. Illustrated list of all Element bulbs here.

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