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Element Video (Quicktime, 22MB) by Elemental Toaster, originally posted on Streetfire.net

My Element’s Fuel Economy

0–10K:  22.1 mpg
10–20K:  19.5 mpg
20–30K:  21.6 mpg
30–40K:  20.6 mpg
40–50K:  22.4 mpg
50–60K:  21.2 mpg
60–70K:  20.8 mpg
70–80K:  19.0 mpg
80–90K:  19.9 mpg
90–100K:  19.6 mpg
0–100K average:  20.6 mpg
Worst:  16.6 mpg
Best:  25.8 mpg
Max fuel at fill:  14.2 gallons
Max distance between fills:  310 miles

Name and Shame:  [Upstate Auto Body, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]    [Keeler Honda, Colonie, N.Y.]

Long-term Maintenance Report

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