Under-Dash Relay Box (2004)
Key to Connectors, Relays and Fuses
[Under-Hood Relay Box]

Socket  Connects to
  A  Dash harness B
  B  Dash harness B
  C  Dash harness B
  D  ECM/PCM harness
  E  ECM/PCM harness
  F  Engine compartment harness
  G  Engine compartment harness
  H  Engine compartment harness
  I  Engine compartment harness
  J  Engine compartment harness
  K  Dash harness A
  L  Dash harness A
  M  Dash harness A
  N  Dash harness A
  O  Dash harness A
Socket  Connects to
  P  ECM/PCM harness
  Q  ECM/PCM harness
  R  ECM/PCM harness
  S  Dash harness B
  T  MCU service check connector
  U  optional
  V  optional
  W*  ECM/PCM harness
  X  Dash harness B
  Y  Dash harness A
  RL1  Starter cut relay (AT)
  RL2  Taillight relay
  RL3  Power window relay
  RL4  Turn signal/hazard relay

*Memory erase signal (MES) connector

Fuse  Amps  Circuit(s)
  1  15  Ignition coils
  2  15  Rear accessory power socket
  3   10*   Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
  4  10  Alternator, air-fuel ratio sensor relay, CMP sensor, cruise actuator, ELD, EVAP canister vent shutoff valve, EVAP canister purge valve, secondary H02S
  6  7.5  Power window relay
  7  20  Audio amp
  8  7.5  Radio
  9  10  OPDS, rear washer motor, rear wiper control unit
10  7.5  A/T reverse relay, backup lights, gauges, keyless receiver, MCU, shift lock relay (AT)
11  7.5  ABS modulator control unit
12  7.5  Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
13  10  SRS
14  10  A/C compressor clutch relay, A/C condenser fan relay, blower motor relay, power mirrors, radiator fan relay, recirc. control motor, rear defogger relay
15  20  Air-fuel ratio sensor
17  15  ECM/PCM, fuel pump, immobilizer receiver, SRS
18  15  Front power socket, rear power socket relay
19  7.5  Turn signal/hazard relay
20  20  MCU, windshield wiper motor, windshield washer motor
22  20  Front passenger window motor
23  20  Driver's window motor, power window control

*10A 2003; 15A 2004–06; 10A 2007–11

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