Under-Hood Relay Box (2004)
Key to Connectors, Relays and Fuses
[Under-Dash Relay Box]

Socket  Connects to
  A  Engine compartment harness
  B  Engine compartment harness
  C  Engine compartment harness
  D  Engine compartment harness
  E  Engine compartment harness
  F*  Engine compartment harness
  RL1  A/C condenser fan relay
  RL2  Horn relay
  RL3  Radiator fan relay
  RL4  A/C compressor clutch relay
  RL5  Rear window defogger relay
  RL6  Blower motor relay
  RL7  Headlight relay
  T102  Alternator
  T101  Battery

*ELD unit

Fuse  Amps  Circuit(s)
  1    30  A/C condenser fan motor, A/C compressor clutch
  2    15  Dash lights, front side lights, front parking lights, license plate light, taillights, taillight relay, trailer light connector (via relay)
  3   7.5  Dome light, ignition key light, cargo area light, spotlights
  4    20  Radiator fan motor
  5    15  Turn signal/hazard relay, turn signal lights
  6    15  CKP sensor, CMP sensor A/B, ECM/PCM, IAC valve, injectors, PGM-FI main relays 1 and 2
  7    15  Brake lights, brake signal to ABS modulator, cruise actuator, ECM/PCM, horn relay, trailer lighting connector
  8    —  
  9    10  Radio, data link connector (OBDII), gauges, immobilizer receiver and indicator, keyless receiver, MCU, XM receiver
10    30  ABS modulator control unit
11    20  Rear defogger
12    40  Blower motor
13    40  Fuses 7, 22 and 23 in under-dash fuse box, power window relay
14    40  Fuses 2, 3 and 15 in under-dash fuse box
15    15  Daytime running lights control unit (Canada), high beam indicator, left headlight
16    15   Door locks, MCU
17    15  Daytime running lights control unit (Canada), right headlight
18    30  ABS modulator control unit
19  100  Battery, headlight relay, power distribution
20    50  Ignition switch (BAT)
 S    —  Spare

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