AMC Eagle-related pages on this site

AMC Eagle Registry

Eagle parts list

258 (4.2) six aluminum valve cover info

Scott Probert’s bad-ass Eagle wagon

MCU bypass instructions
by Terry Warren

Heater core servicing wisdom

258 upgrade
by George Zeman

1980 publicity photos and diagrams
courtesy of Eddie Stakes

Other sites/pages of interest

AMC Eagle Nest site and online community

Gerard Rosa’s EagleWeb

Dan Meyer’s AMC/Eagle pages

Matt Brodeur’s Eagle tech info

Carter BBD idle fix by Terry Howe

Junkyard HEI/TBI conversion by Nick McIntosh

Brian Millham’s Eagle Kammback site

Guide to 258 emissions controls and assorted hooha by Dale Beckett

Pretty sweet
(submitted by Justin Jongbloedt)

Rambler Dan’s AMC Home