Campaign and Recall Bulletins (PDF)

A05-024  Safety Recall: Accessory trailer hitch is incorrectly wired 05/24/05

A06-009  Warranty Extension: OPDS unit or OPDS sensor triggers SRS DTCs 15-1, 15-2, 15-3 02/05/08

A06-084  Warranty Extension: 2003–04 Element windshield 02/05/08

A06-085  Warranty Extension: Vehicle warranty mileage 05/09/08

A07-087  Product Update: Gauge needles read inaccurately or fall off 11/05/08

A08-053  Safety Recall: Left rear trailing arm may come loose 08/13/08

A08-097  Product Update: Restricted heater core or radiator causes poor heating or engine overheating 12/18/08

A10-017  Safety Recall: Air in VSA modulator-control unit causes low/soft brake pedal 04/17/10

A10-036  Safety Recall: Shift Cable Socket Holder Is Incorrectly Installed 08/06/10

A10-059  Safety Recall: Accord, Civic, and Element Ignition Switch Key Interlock 10/01/10

A11-050  Safety Recall: A/T Software Update to Prevent Transmission Damage 08/27/11

A12-057  Safety Recall: 2007–11 trailer hitch harness 09/19/12

Technical Service Bulletins (PDF)

A02-002  Squeak at the clutch pedal 01/11/05

A03-024  Rear seat release strap is damaged or missing 03/25/03

A03-026  Rear seat trim cover won't stay latched 04/08/03

A03-032  Driver's seat rocks 11/03/06

A03-033  Clicking noise from front brakes 01/09/04

A03-050  Rear hatch trim panel is loose or falls off 08/26/03

A03-056  Rattle from the A-pillar trim or corners of the dashboard 09/30/03

A03-062  Seat belt slow to retract 09/16/03

A03-068  Door lock cylinder binds 10/29/04

A03-090  Creak from the right side of the dash 12/23/03

A04-022  Hatch open indicator on, rear interior light on, or tailgate rattles 03/08/08

A05-025  Accessory security system changes modes by itself 07/01/05

A05-034  Headlights dim or DTC P1298 is stored in the ECM/PCM 12/14/05

A05-075  Front seat-back makes a squeaking, chafing, or rubbing noise 12/21/05

A06-041  Vehicle moves (creeps) faster than expected when idling in gear 08/08/06

A07-024  Moan or Groan From the Rear Differential 10/03/07

A07-042  Front passenger's seat squeaks or rattles 01/26/08

A07-045  Brake pedal is low and feels soft 03/05/09

A07-066  Front passenger's seat base cover is loose 10/05/07

A08-002  MIL Comes On With DTC P0420 01/18/2008

A08-008  SRS indicator comes on with SRS DTC 3-1 or 4-1 02/05/08

A09-023  Clanking or knocking noise from the front suspension while going over bumps 04/11/09

II-2-10  Engine oil leak at the timing chain case cover 11/19/10

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